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    Re: Replacement Mig Welder

    One name pops up a lot and after a couple of SIP's over 25yrs we switched to the old brand of Oxford-

    You get some quality at a decent price, have a...
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    Google comes up with- they list plunger bearings- same thing?
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    Re: Massey 6485 Transmission error

    We haven't had problems with either the 6480 or 6499 pedal switches...............yet! So I'm sorry that I can't help further. maybe someone with more experience of them may be able to shed some...
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    Re: Massey 6485 Transmission error

    I vaguely remember talking to one of our MF dealer's technicians when we had him out to a calibration issue, IIRC I think he said that instead of several individual switches being involved with the...
  5. Re: Hurlimann XT 909 2002 Putting water into oil coming out through breather Pipe

    Cylinderhead gasket? but if its got wet liners then there could be the chance of bottom seals/orings on the liner/block or corrosion of the liner allowing coolant into the sump - common trait used...
  6. Re: ferguson TE35 petrol/TVO tractor - starting problems

    After cranking are the plugs wet or dry?

    if they are dry, squirt a teaspoon of petrol in each of the sparkplug holes, refit plugs and crank over to see if it fires, if it does then find out why...
  7. Re: ferguson TE35 petrol/TVO tractor - starting problems

    That one hasn't been aired for a while!!
  8. Re: Newholland 8260 hydraulic pump/ damper plate issues

    1st thing comes to mind is that the steering is usually separate from the main pump unless there is a priority valve supplying oil, but the PTO ought to be supplied from a low pressure source...
  9. Re: do any body know the reach a sanderson 227t has

    The most notable reach job they did with it was soon after it arrived in 1980, they used it to lift a piano out of an upper window of the National Trust mansion across the road from the farm which is...
  10. Re: do any body know the reach a sanderson 227t has

    Here you go, have a read from the past-

    Not sure about the...
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    Re: Marshall 702 questions

    TP would probably be a mine of info on these, but in the meantime this site looks to be a wealth of info for you or whoever you can get to look it for you?
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    Re: Ford New Holland 8340 SLE help thread

    A lot of stuff has fill capacities based on a dry fill, ie factory fill or after its been totally apart and everything is drained. its always annoying when you see drain/sump plugs that are obviously...
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    Re: ford 5610 brales

    Have a look at this chaps video clip, the funny flanged nut within the clevis the chap is pinning back onto the brake lever is your adjuster nut, there is also a plain nut which is the lock nut used...
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    Re: Deutz Agrotron 6.00 brake issue

    Not at all familiar with Deutz, but the first thing I would check would be that whatever valve/cylinder the brake pedal operates has free clearance, ie normal brake master cylinders have a small...
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    Re: kubota engine

    Seeing as Kubota is being mentioned, Vapormatic have started to flog bits for them, not much at the moment ...
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    Re: JCB 3CX - 1986 - Battery not chargung

    Was the starter you bought "from a reputable place" in a red or green Lucas box? Red boxed stuff in the past was coming from India and had was poor quality. If it was a red boxed starter that could...
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    Re: Claas ARES 656 start problem

    Thats a poor dealer outcome. If they can't figure it out then they should flag it up with Claas Germany. This is when their disaster recovery plan should kick in- the Claas organisation should have...
  18. Re: oil pressure guage pipe heating up on sterting

    Yes either would unless you were picky because its being restored? I expect there may be one or two places where the current has to pass through the tinwork so the fastest/easiest fix would be...
  19. Re: oil pressure guage pipe heating up on sterting

    Check your earth wire from the battery- somethings wrong with your tractors earthing and its using the oil pressure pipe as a means to finding an alternative earth!

    It sounds like the earth lead...
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    Re: Claas ARES 656 start problem

    Did you see this suggestion?? Being an ex Renault design they inherited their fair share of electrical problems. Confirming there is still 12v getting to vital components whilst cranking is worth...
  21. Re: Hydrostatic yard Forklifts , Linde 391 any good or nightmare reliability wise.

    By coincidence I've been working at the farm thats all rented out units and one of the tenants had the local forklift truck hire company out to one of their trucks so I asked the fitter there sorting...
  22. Re: Hydrostatic yard Forklifts , Linde 391 any good or nightmare reliability wise.

    We ran a Linde H44 IIRC, big old beast of a thing and would take 2+ scotch boxes of spuds no trouble, We gave up spuds 15-16 yrs ago and it was an ex linde hire truck so it was refurbed before we...
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    Re: Any chance of a bit of help please ?

    Bang on about the shipping being the cause of your woes! I have seen some done up in bundles all strapped up. Back when we ran trucks Goodyear 10.00x20 tyres were bad like this which we put down to...
  24. Bearings 20% discount until 31/05/2018

    Had this by email today which they do occasionally and I usually keep it in their folder on the PC ready, I can't see in T&C's at the bottom that its for recipients only so seems fair game to widen...
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    Re: international 584 losing oil

    Traditionally because of the wear ridge you either need "ridge dodger rings" which were stepped so they didn't catch the wear ridge in the bore as the piston came over TDC which could smash the...
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