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  1. Thread: Sumo trio

    by Footsfitter

    Re: Sumo trio

    As an alternative to Vern's trio, we have a Quivogne Pluton we picked up from a Devon JD dealer a few years ago to compliment the Tim Howard Maxilift. The pluton came at a good price with a spare...
  2. Re: mf 6465 cut out flashing dash lights wont start HELP

    Have a look here for the 6400 electrical section- the perkins section with the error codes is page GUF113.3 it look like...
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    Re: JCB 3CX Droop.

    Its not a component, more a case of old age I expect.

    The first suspect will be seals leaking, although there is also a risk that there could be wear/damage to ram cylinder bores and/or rods, but...
  4. Re: Laurence Edwards Supa Pac 6000 Hydraulic Motor

    1st place to try would be they seem to cover most bases, if the motor is no longer available then they probably will be able to offer something in another...
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    Re: Broadbandwith

    Royal Mail seem to quote that they are left with all the crap deliveries since government deregulated letter deliveries.

    Not sure how the openreach/BT relationship works but if you have an...
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    Re: Broadbandwith

    Jack, I haven't a clue about all the issues behind BT landing the phone side of the good old GPO back in the day, but I do wonder sometimes that BT having to open up and let 3rd parties use their...
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    Re: Broadbandwith

    Just about to say I need to check if its ADSL2 or 2+ as the "hello anyone there" symptom happens a lot, but then we get that at the workshops, but more often here at home on Sky fibre, never looked...
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    Re: Broadbandwith

    Fibre seems ok if your near the fibre cabinet. Home is 100m from our estate one and Sky's basic package "up to 38meg" promise isn't far off, -36-37meg 99% of the time, although both fibre here and...
  9. Re: Sanderson teleporter2 6.22 what type oil?

    Maybe being a pretty lightweight machine didn't help get whatever grip it got onto the ground? JCB LSD's have never had a good reputation here from the days of the early 412 farmaster to the...
  10. Re: Sanderson teleporter2 6.22 what type oil?

    Oil spec changed from our old T2, bit pre LSD IIrc.

    XEP is still listed for bigger stuff than automotive, but Morris seem to be pushing their Terrain range as well now. I find its easier to...
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    Re: Perkins 203 running rich.

    That makes sense. Good result then.
  12. Re: Sanderson teleporter2 6.22 what type oil?

    Only familiar with 227ts and T622 sandersons. Your teleporter 2 6.22, does it have dry disc & pad brakes or is it fitted with wet inboard brakes either in the hubs or the axle casing? If brakes are...
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    Re: Manitou LSU "fault"

    Back to base then?

    Seems V didn't plan enough travelling into that getaway by the sounds of things ;) :D
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    Manitou LSU "fault"

    Called out to an electrical fault on the Manitou last week, operator was blaming the Vapormatic immobiliser which was nonsense as it did start!

    When I got to it it would start but the LSU...
  15. Re: Made to measure replacement gas struts

    Well they seem a keen company to work with, plus this statement-
  16. Re: Not agricultural but still interesting.

    Well while we are looking at harvest time photos, consider these. Taken with a recent samsung 2017model smart phone, not top of the range but it does some cracking photos! I'm still finding my way...
  17. Made to measure replacement gas struts

    Had to replace the rear window gas struts on our MT755B Challenger, one had lost all gas and the other could be pushed home with a finger tip. OE cylinders from Agco came at 105 each so with no...
  18. Re: Lawrence Edwards Supa Pac 7000E Bale Wrapper

    Google comes up with this-

    at 6 pages there isn't too much setting...
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    Re: Workshop "Tricks of the Trade" thread

    Had one of those "why didn't I think of that long ago" moments recently. I was digging around in the stores for some low pressure fittings to adapt pipework on one of the irrigator reel control...
  20. Re: Concave calamity and gone with the wind...........

    They've been run ragged all around us in the south, while our fire was on there was a big crop blaze between Reading & Henley that reportedly was started by a baler which they abandoned, also had a...
  21. Re: NH TL90 intermittent electrical fault: FWD won't disengage, no PTO, no wipers

    Your welcome. Glad to be of help.
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    Re: IH Hydro 84 - hydraulic pump??

    How about one of these- in stock at Sparex so should be available thru your nearest stockist-

    Seen these manuals on the trade...
  23. Re: Concave calamity and gone with the wind...........

    Then last thursday just as we were romping along in wheat close to the grainstores of the farm where the workshop is the alarm went up after a little old lady tapped on the farmhouse window and...
  24. Concave calamity and gone with the wind...........

    Big Vern picked up a mention on another thread of recent events we have experienced this harvest, here are some photos and words explaining things.

    Harvest started in OSR and had moved onto some...
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    Re: Claas Loadall Bucket Wont Tip Or Crowd

    Hi Vern,

    Not 100% sure but could of been "accidental" - I'll put up some photos sometime rather than crash in on this thread. Could of been worse would be the way to put it thanks.
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