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    Re: New MF6616

    Cant you get them in grey with the parallel arms the tractor make colours?
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    Re: dosing with zanil

    We dose 20ml per kg without a stop dose for paraphistome.
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    Re: Massey Ferguson 5465 Dyna 4

    Tell santa to have a look here
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    Re: Rota Spike

    I have a sgm machine with 3 spikes on the front of my loader,does what I need most of the time.Can be a pain sometimes with silage if you get the odd bad bit as it doesn't always roll out sometimes...
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    Re: Another air con question

    Thanks for the replies.
    I will check everything mentioned,but what is the thermostat switch, where is it and how do you check this.Heater is a simple turn switch cold to hot.
    My dealer has just...
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    Another air con question

    My 2006 mf 5445 air con needs a bit of attention.To get it anywhere near to cold the switch has to be turned almost all the way around.Up until this summer it was normally just before half way when...
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    Re: AgBag costs and quantities etc

    Ive done maize in it for a few yearsKeeps well on a of clean site good idea to put some poison about also.My main problem was crows especially after the first year' second year put an old sheet over...
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    Re: jarmet sprayer problem

    problem with the pump?Any contamination in the oil
    Quantock do a rebuild kit for about 50.
  9. Re: were can i get a secondhand front axle for a case895????

    If its just the splines could they be welded?
  10. muck spreading stop the spreader tractor or leave running?

    Leading on from the life of agg products lack of it .
    A couple more days and I will have all the muck on,but the question I have, it takes approx. 10 mins to fill the spreader and 10/15 to empty...
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    Re: Euro fit brackets/frame.

    40mm dia
  12. Re: Can i have a normal UK hitch and a European hitch?

    I saw one of these types on a fendt made by bill bennett engineering
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    Re: Spluttering 5460

    Or replace it with this
  14. Re: Mf5455 high low range not working? Anyone seen this fault

    Right handside sitting in the cab below and behind the gear linkage (that's what solved my problem).
  15. Re: Mf5455 high low range not working? Anyone seen this fault

    Mine had a problem with sticking in the low box when warm,turned out to be a sensor.It is hidden away on one side of the transmission(will have a look in the morning).
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    Re: Tyre Sealer

    I put some in my quad(after getting problems with brambles) and it lasted until I changed the tyres well worth it.
  17. Re: Trailers - need a new muck trailer and a new bale trailer....

    Or another French site to compare with
  18. Re: Trailers - need a new muck trailer and a new bale trailer....

    Any good
  19. Re: Trailers - need a new muck trailer and a new bale trailer....

    Have a look here page 6 on trailers!!!!
    The minor problem about buying an English trailer to use in france is the norm thing, everything over 500kgs should have a registration...
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    Re: grass harrow recomendations?

    I've a set of einbock 5m which I've had for a few years,but last year I used my groups Carre Prarial 4.5m.I needs a bit of power to pull it and its a bit on the heavy side,but it gave things a good...
  21. Parker ka18 valve/spool block parts (loader spool valve)

    I have one of the above blocks on the loader of my tractor. I had a little accident before Christmas when one of the holding bolts broke ,then with the help of a local bodger things went from bad to...
  22. Re: Massey Ferguson 5455 05 plate Horsepower increase

    Everywhere I go its either up or down hill .Some leads can be a few miles
    The tractor has been used with 4f plough,3m combi unit,3m moco,3m horizontal topper 12t trailer.
    I have had the tractor...
  23. Re: Massey Ferguson 5455 05 plate Horsepower increase

    Mine shifts all the bales(28 hay 15 silage) and most other jobs the 3095 doesn't do which is a lot as the loader,size and weight combination is good,but a little more power perhaps with a dyna box...
  24. Re: Massey Ferguson 5455 05 plate Horsepower increase

    A little question what to you want to do with the tractor and the increased hp, I had the same problem I have a 5445 and it is crap on the road (speedshift) the pump was done under warranty and when...
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    Re: Bargains

    Sunderland, they could do with a few bargin buys this Christmas if they are to get out of the whole they are in.
    Howay the lads;)
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