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Thread: Drilling maize with a claydon?

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    Drilling maize with a claydon?


    Anyone tried drilling maize into a cover crop, e.g. old red clover swards? Especially interested if you've tried it organically?

    Do any of you think it would work? I'm trying to reduce establishment costs in an organic system and also want to try and reduce weed burden and stop inverting soil horizons after they've become well established in a 3yr red clover ley?



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    Martin Lole

    Re: Drilling maize with a claydon?

    Hi Mike
    For all spring drilling it is so important to wait until the soil is warm to ensure quick germination. Accurate seed depth and reconsolidation will also prove to be essential. I believe strip till drilling direct into over wintered stubble is by far the most reliable way to ensure good yields.
    Another advantage is that strip tillage is not destructive to the soil structure as experienced with the plough & power harrow. This is proven at harvest and with establishment of the following crop.

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