hello all , first off im sorry to post on here , but im at my whits end , im trying to acquire some farm land to do some metal detecting on in the northamptonshire area , i have asked where i live and not had any joy , as they are mostly very rude , i understand that us detectorists have a bad name but my friend and i have 35 years experience between us of detecting and we know to be responsible with it , we are both insured in case any thing goes wrong ( to date it never has ) , we dig to a usual depth of 4-5 inches and extract the object , and we always make sure our hole is filled in completely , so really you wouldnt notice where we had been , we have had some fantastic finds over the years and we are both avid historians of the local area and would love the chance to find a farm we could detect on , and also to proove that not all detectorists are a nuisance , if the day ever came where we found something of real value we would of course go 50/50 with the land owner , other finds we would be willing to show at the end of a day and anything the landowner took a shine to we would of course hand it over if he/she wanted it , its mainly for the pleasure of the hobby , bad detectorists have given us all a bad name which is a shame as a vast majority of us are sensible and follow the rules , any rubbish we find along the way would be collected up and disposed of , and equally if any damage to extrerior fences is seen we would inform the landowner asap so measures to correct it could be taken , also we would help out if needed . please could any lovely farm owner help us out please please please !!!!
secondly i think i may have posted this in the wrong section so please forgive me as im a newbie to the forum.!!