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Thread: Ewe in poor condition

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    Ewe in poor condition

    Hi, a 4 yr old blue faced leicester mule with one remaining twin is in very poor condition. Spine and hip bones are easy to see.

    I have had her & her lamb in an indoor pen for a week with availability of extra hay and sheep rolls, she was treated for fluke 10 days ago given 500ml calcium 8 days ago and given a conditionner 6 days ago.

    She is frequently standing still not appearing to be fully aware and not a great appetite. Lamb is still feeding from her and is OK (ish) but not progressing much.

    There is a second ewe & lamb in the enclosure, but not in the same pen. This one is doing good.

    Any ideas please ??

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    Re: Ewe in poor condition

    Take the lamb off, or you may end up loosing both ewe and lamb, for her time and good grass

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