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Thread: Silage pit cover and refurb.

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    Re: Silage pit cover and refurb.

    Jim when needed some panels 2 years ago for corn walls they come from Cumbria del. cheaper than collected from concret panel plants at east side of the of the country.
    We have a guy lives local to us that sells concrete panels and has for many years. He comes to measure up and gives a quote.
    He's worked for a few companies over the years and this Richardson outfit is who he is on for at the moment.

    Do you find the plastic down the walls stops wastage?
    We always put side-sheets up as we nearly have all outdoor pits up until now. We find they're fairly essential on an outdoor pit as they keep the rainwater out of the silage.
    The rain water seeps behind the side-sheets and makes it's way out of the drainage pipe at the bottom of the walls.

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    Re: Silage pit cover and refurb.

    To be fair the main pit has a roof and two long sides covered, one end is half covered as we fill from the top when up to the other end and have boards held up by wire rope to make a wall. so the only water that collects is at the open end with the boards, but they have a sheet over them that goes under the main sheet so any water runs out the bottom.

    I think half the issue with our waste on the sides (only seems to be at the top) is that you cant roll it well enough as the roof steels get in the way when your at full height.... maybe need a cabless rolling machine!


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