Hello there fellow countrymen , I'm currently trying to seek out some land to shoot on in the merseyside area , I have not ventured as far as visiting any farms as I found out from previously trying to get permission to metal detect that its quite often the case that a field adjacent to a farm does not belong to that farm , so I sort of gave up after a while .
Im willing to pay the going rates if anybody wants to sell a years shooting rights or if they know anybody who might let us shoot occasionally with a share of the spoils offered , Im a shotgun licence holder of course and shot pigeons years back locally but farmer has now sadly passed away and new owner I can't seem to locate .
I'm a BASC member so fully insured for public liability to shoot providing I have consent from the landowner that is . Also if anybody has any advice on the right way to get on the good side of the farmer please let me know , I'm a nice friendly person with 2 young kids who works hard as an electrical engineer all week and simply enjoys the outdoors and shooting of course .
I would like to get into metal detecting again also but again finding the landowner to even ask permission is hard enough so if you could help with any advice on that matter also that would be fab .
I don't expect anything for free except maybe the advice ,
best regards mark slater .......