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Thread: Quad bike

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    Quad bike

    my daughter has just been followed by a white transit van which blocked the road and a flash quad bike reg no.EW03NUU with a blond lad wearing white sunglasses driving it.the quad followed her to the farm gates, we have reported it ,we are between Barnard Castle and Darlington.We have locked all farm stuff away and have good cctv but they were looking for something.She did well to get the reg no.

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    Re: Quad bike

    Details for EW03NUU if its any help.

    Manufacturer Yamaha
    Colour Blue
    Engine Size 350cc
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Registration Date 22 July 2010
    Vehicle Age 2 years 11 months old
    Reg. Plate Registered Between 01 Mar 03 & 31 Aug 03
    Reg. District Office DVLA Essex
    Reg. Local Office DVLA Chelmsford

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