Following on from the various threads on the subject, and having spent far to long reading & replying to posts on the numerous articles on media sites, could we have a debate on how it would be best to go about tackling TB, and the huge overpopulation of Badgers in Britain, head on ?

I will start the ball rolling by saying we need a combination of culling Badgers in heavily infected area's & Vaccinating Badgers where they are clean! (yes, I know...stating the obvious)

And I would suggest that this could be achieved by a 3 way "coalition".

Central Government can fund the trapping and testing of Badgers in all areas to establish which Badgers have to be culled & Which Badgers have to be vaccinated...that way the Government are seen to be impartial !

Organisations such as The Badger Trust, RSPCA and The National Trust etc could fund the Vaccination program....they would therefore "not have blood on their hands" which would appease both their members & the Public.

Leaving Farmers, The NFU & possibly the CLA to fund the culling. Farmers & the NFU would obviously bare the brunt of any public outcry...but there is nothing new in that as we are already judged as being blood thirsty wildlife murdering so & so's !!!!!!!!!!!