Patsy, I don't know whether you are a Green peace plant on here or not, but your insistence on oversimplifying and playing daft on a lot of issues will soon begin to test the patience of many here, myself included.

1. People in the West don't get a lot of TB, firstly, we are generally vaccinated, and have generally sound health which is a great help against a lot of diseases, not just TB. Most of us were jabbed at a young age and are again jabbed in our teens (of course they skin test you first to see if you have it). Where TB will still appear though, is in people with poor health for whatever reason, or those who live in harsh conditions, even if they have been vaccinated. This is one of the diseases which unfortunately usually puts the curtains down on a lot of AIDs or other serious chronic disease sufferers. So the BCG isn't a cure all, and I doubt they bother to vaccinate older people for the reasons others have eluded to above.

2. You can't vaccinate a whole heap of wildlife, with the BCG vaccine, since although it is usefully effective in humans, how the hell you would vaccinate, test or even monitor a load of possibly uninfected or possibly hideously infected wildlife, is anyones guess. You also of course, need to find yourself some people who are of course prepared to handle and deal with a load of potentially hazardous animals carrying a zoonotic disease- you can see how Defra deal with such cases when it comes to similarly infectious diseases in poultry, pigs or cattle-IE destroy the lot.

The answer is plain and simple. Allow free culling in TB areas. Do not allow culling in areas where there are A no badgers or B no cattle. The tax payer is funding this bloody nonsense and has been for decades. Enough is enough. Continue testing and destroying cattle, by all means, but leaving cohorts of infected badgers across the land to reinfect farms again and again is absolute nonsense.

You could even selectively test a portion of the culled badgers and when no TB is found, you could cease culling in that area. I see in the Vet journal my other half reads, that one guy who was part of the pilot cull paid for every carcass to be tested himself, and every one was riddled with it.

What you anti nutters do not understand is that the badgers as a whole population would benefit from culling themselves.