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Thread: Triticale

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    Re: Triticale

    Dear all,

    Working for Acceres and Biotek-agriculture based near Nottingham, me and my team have a long experience of perfoming trials with farmers for all kind of projects, (fungicide, herbicide, residue, etc).

    Our research is in collaboration with the biggest company providing crop protection allowing a better understanding about farmers needs regarding their chemicals use. No developments on the market of pest control would be possible without their partnership. We are always looking to extend our farmers network to cover the maximum number of crops and targets ; we are currently looking for a site in England on Triticale, Rye and Oat for a fungicide trial. Therefore could any growers interested in a partnership please contact me for more details.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Triticale

    Hi, I have grown Fido winter triticale and harvested it successfully. I am considering planting some Dublet spring triticale and wondered how that performs and when to expect to combine it?
    My agronomist isnít keen on the spring varieties, and has most experience with the winter varieties. @Phil you mentioned trying Dublet. How did you get on? When did you harvest it and what was the yield like? We are in Shropshire if that makes a bit of difference as to harvest date.. many thanks in advance.

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