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Thread: Small dairy farm

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    Re: Small dairy farm

    Local guy here has 260 11,000litre ave. cows on 20acres. He just rents extra land for silaging but other than that they only go out for loafing.

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    Re: Small dairy farm

    Quote Originally Posted by spin cycle View Post
    57k profit?? from 80 cows??.....not having a go ...just curious......couldn't the op carry more cows by just using the 80 ac for grazing and buying in winter feed??
    yes but remember that electricity costs, tax, viechele tax, insurance, water , and feed cakes and silage , at the end of the day the cost mount up and you cant jus say o im going to keep 80 cows on eighty acares because you need land to make silage aswell , keep 50 cows bulk calving , and keep british ffreisians , holsteins are a no no because there is no profit atall in the calvs , and they eat 10 times more

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