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Thread: SF2 and Vaderstad Drill

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    SF2 and Vaderstad Drill

    Running a Vadstad 6m Drill and SF2 Auto steer with ITC Dome this season. I am not sure what width to tap in on the 2600 screen the full 6m or should I knock 2 or 3cm off. Last year I used VRS RTK at the full 6M and it was spot on,I have no experiance off SF2 so could do with a bit of advice. Thanks.

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    Re: SF2 and Vaderstad Drill

    set up a 6meter today put in 5.98m and no offset and it measured spot on system disc

    set up 4m with old style disc and and had to use a 6 cm offset to the left stangly the coulters measured 3.95cm plus 12.5cm = 4.07m

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