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Thread: ford 4000 oil

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    ford 4000 oil

    I would like to do a complete oil change on my 4000 I got last week. I dont know what oil is it in at the moment, and I doubt it has had an oil change recently! What oil would be best to put in it?
    Also is there such thing as back end oil that the 4000 has?

    Hydraulic oil too? where can it?

    the 4000 i have got, does not have the hydraulic coupler fitting on the back either, which I would like to get one and put it on. anyone know the size of the female coupler for this?

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    Re: ford 4000 oil

    Any good quality 15-30 super universal will do for the back end, don't let people confuse you with talk of additives to stop brake noise, a decent super universal oil will do everything you need.

    I was advised to run the engine on the same, but found it was more prone to small leaks so I've been using 15-40 mineral oil. The handbook relates to out of date oil specs, and going to a specialist for oils that match is in IMO a waste of money

    EDIT: a parts manual and workshop manual off eBay is a good investment. You can get any thread sizes off the parts bit and the workshop manual explains how each area of the tractor works, before you start pulling things apart.

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