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Thread: Mind the bend

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    Mind the bend

    Under there somewhere is a driver, quite a thing to pilot through Bridgwater.

    More here, well worth a watch full screen and HD if possible.

    Is anyone here involved with the Carnival clubs, I think it's just amazing and deserves far more coverage - or maybe not, that might spoil it!

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    Re: Mind the bend

    Dont do it now, but years ago I used to pull a float, did Bridgewater a couple of times but our float was not a patch on that one, the guys who build them spend all year planning and making them,it is a real passion. I used a db 1212 and db1490 with a 58 float and athree tonne standby genny towed behind, used to be a bit hairy going down steep hills, the only breaks were on the tractor. Was great fun back in the day

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