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Thread: Yahoo email and outlook

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    Yahoo email and outlook

    Maybe most use the webmail page as this hasn't come up much, but since the start of the year my 'throwaway' free email on yahoo wasn't working as previously with outlook, tried changing a few things to do with SSL and port numbers but just discovered today they have changed the in and out servers from to .com
    Apparently it never occurred to them to tell anyone settings would need to be changed.
    This may not affect you if you had a rather than address.
    The address itself is not changed.

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    Re: Yahoo email and outlook

    They also seem to be automatically obseleting passwords every few months, so if you collect mail with Outlook you never get the "oops its time to renew your password" screen you would when logging ito webmail.

    Outlook just suddenly says "password errr" .


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    Re: Yahoo email and Gmail

    I only realised last night that Yahoo emails weren't being forwarded through to Gmail.
    It seems Yahoo changed their pop3 mail server address on January 3rd from to .com

    As it says, Gmail will treat the new server as a brand new email account and download every single message all over again!
    This morning my Inbox looked like this!

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