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Thread: Gathering winter fuel.

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    Re: Gathering winter fuel.

    Yes, both Countys were red originally. The engine went on the Crane one and as a project at collage they gave it an engine from a Ford 7740. At the same time it was painted blue.
    It's still there and they have plans to use it for something, but I do still have a very close eye on it as it would be nice to see the pair back together again one day

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    Re: Gathering winter fuel.

    Hello Jim,

    I just noticed that in the picture you posted, the third tractor in the background, appear to be the frame-steer Holder that was at Newton Rigg. This was a very good tractor, and very nimble by County standards!

    I think I remember being told that Holder originally developed if for the Vineyard market, but it made a great little skidder.



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