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Thread: Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

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    Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

    Looking for ideas here. I have a nice old spring well near to the cattle sheds. No pump. Can just take water with a bucket

    Anyway, with increasing council water charges coming down the line, I'm thinking of developing the well and adding a submersible pump, to service the cattle sheds.

    What's a sensible and cost effective way to do this?
    Dig down deep with a digger and line with concrete pipes?? Diameter??

    Any danger of diverting / losing the spring in the disturbance caused by digging?

    Appreciate thoughts on this.


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    Re: Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

    Be very carefull when digging.Famer a few miles from us developed a major spring water business from spring/well.
    Utility company dug trench nearby for gas pipe.
    Spring/well dried up(trench too close/deep).
    Utility company didn't want to know when asked about compensation.

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    Re: Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

    We have some rented land with a spring fed water trough on it which appears to have been tapped well over a century ago. It dried up in the very dry summer a few years back so we set about trying to find the source. The pipe feeding the trough (2 inch clay pipes) was beautifully wrapped in imported blue clay (local stuff we dug through elsewhere on site was yellow) and led to a cap on the spring made from large stones arranged in a Christmas tree fashion around 2 feet down and 2 feet deep. We cut a similar era drain on the way to the head that ran a lot of water and it turns out the spring source had moved about 15 feet. Having re-tapped it it has run faultlessly ever since.

    So in short yes they can move but I'd certainly consider trying to tap in to what you've got there. A few questions to consider first though:

    How far down is the water level in the existing well?

    Have you got a pump to test the flow rate in the current well?

    Is it likely to be contaminated by effluent leaching in to ground water from the cattle sheds?

    Our farm well can pump a fair bit of water when required but the first time we dropped a pump down it instead of a bucket the water level fell a meter in the first hour. It fell another half meter the next but has not altered much from that state ever since. The water level is less than 10 feet from the surface now so easily pumped. If there is any chance of contaminating the supply from the cattle I'd look instead at a borehole as a safer and more reliable option.
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    Re: Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

    Where does the water currently go?
    If it is going in to a ditch or stream, how about using a ram pump to send part of it up to a storage tank and the balance ends up in the stream

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    Re: Spring Well - want to increase storage capacity

    Water has always been a problem at one of our places with springs at the top of the farm drying up during somr summers. There is a good spring at the bottom of the farm, 120 metres from the buildings so we sunk concrete rings in the ground about ten metres away from the spring and caught the spring water into a tank made from one of these

    4" pipe out of that feeding the concrete storage tank and a pressure system to pump water to troughs - 140' of head through 3/4" pipe. It really does work a treat and didn't cost an arm and a leg to set up.
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