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Thread: Bobcat T2566 telehandler

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    Bobcat T2566 telehandler

    Working on a Bobcat T2566 telehandler at the mo, every couple of months it decides to throw a wobbler and won't move at all.

    Its had:

    New flywheel sensor

    Shuttle stripped down and cleaned up and tested

    Solenoids checked and swapped

    After doin all this it still wont move and if you go away for a few days and leave it alone it willl move fine for ages, just wonderin if anyone had come across a similar intermittent fault with one of these machines.

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    Re: Bobcat T2566 telehandler

    only one I came across was condemned and sent to Poland boom all cracked up real bad and spat all the boom internal pipe work out the back in a tangled heap of spaghetti, tangled mix of steel pipes and rubber hoses

    Sorry not much help

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    Bjarni Formax

    Re: Bobcat T2566 telehandler

    I had a similar problem wit my T2566 it was hesitating back and forth sometimes good but usually took long time to heat it up. I added new earth cable straight to the starter and cleaned some other earth connections from the battery to the frame,,, conclusion the solenoid was missing power and therefor bad functions (working) with
    bad voltage
    The main problem was week starting and I was fixing that with new cable straight to the starter body , and the hesitating driving problem was goon also.

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