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Thread: Case 5150 - Powershift diagnostic lights

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    Case 5150 - Powershift diagnostic lights

    Hi everyone,

    The powershift light on the dash of our 5150 is flashing 5 times when I start it up from cold. The manual says that it "indicates the on coming clutch pressure switch circuit failure".

    It is driving ok, but I'm not sure if it is going develop into a problem when the mower or baler is hooked up...

    Can anyone shed any light on what the fault is and how to resolve it?


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    Re: Case 5150 - Powershift diagnostic lights

    If you turn on ignition & dip the clutch the lamp will flash 5 times.
    When you say it does it starting from cold is it when the engine is turning over ?
    Provided the tractor is driving ok there can't be too much the matter though.
    All it means is there is no pressure in the selected p/shift clutch pack.

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