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Thread: Chemical price tracker

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    It is true most agchems are based on petro chemicals, but a lot of the cost is in R & D, (re)registration, environmental considerations (IE disposing of any by products from production) and all the technical sh1t/regulation involved.

    CTL will get a price hike I am reliably informed.

    Plus side is, not long until Mesosulfuron and Flufenacet come off patent!!

    Only real saving to be had in the arable world is with fertilisers and establishment costs.
    CTL already had a VERY large % price hike

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    Re: Chemical price tracker

    It is cheap stuff anyway, not worth getting wound up about. Unlike some EU countries we can still use it and we aren't forced to use the far dearer Folpet instead, which would be a reason to complain.

    I am told glyphosate will ease this year. The remaining products largely static.

    A lot of agchem manufacturers are increasingly unhappy with their products being smashed to pieces and sold for sod all, and of course with ever fewer actives on the market thanks to the EU and PSD, supplies of stuff will forever be constrained down to what has been forecasted for. So don't be surprised to find supplies of fungicides running short again, particularly if we have anything like a repeat of The Great 2014 Septoria Sh1tstorm this season.

    Coming from the stories I hear from the East and around, where people have put an unholy pre-emergence 6 way mix of christ knows what plus some fairy liquid for good measure in their efforts to control blackgrass, It does make you wonder if the time is coming when combinable crops become unsustainable in some areas.

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