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Thread: Downloads folder very slow to open

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    Downloads folder very slow to open

    This has been bugging me a while, admittedly there was a lot of stuff in there so I got rid of most of it but it could inexplicably take up to a minute to open (windows 7)

    Open it as normal, right click on a clear spot and select "customise this folder".
    Change the setting to General Items - magically it will open instantly now.

    Can be used on any folder which is slow to open presumably due to multiple types of file inside, but you may need to find the settings via 'properties'
    This seems to be a Windows 7 and 8 issue.

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    Re: Downloads folder very slow to open

    I suspect you are disabling the av scan and that's why it opens quicker.Downloaded items are likely scanned for viruses every time they are opened for obvious reasons.General items are assumed to be ok having been checked at creation and then by regular system scans. Probably wiser to scan a downloaded item once then move it to another folder.. just quickly opening a downloaded item without the usual checks could end in tears.

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