Thieves have stolen diesel from a farm near Acklington, Northumberland after siphoning the fuel from an unattended tractor and siphoning off the fuel into a metal drum from the farm between 1400 on Sunday 22nd June and 0800 Monday 23rd June.

A 2003 400cc Green Yamaha quad has been stolen from a hay barn near Kielder, close to the Scottish border between Friday 20th June and Sunday 22nd June, after also helping themselves to some red diesel and a heavy chain from the barn.

Thieves are travelling into our area from some distance and are taking the opportunity to steal whilst here, can we ask you to be aware of vehicles and people near your property and please do not hesitate us to contact via 101 if you believe they are suspicious.

Thieves are becoming more brazen by stealing throughout the day, please be aware of this whilst going about your daily business - and whilst we appreciate that you are all extremely busy please take extra care when leaving property in and around your property.

If you see any vehicles or people acting suspiciously in and around your property please contact Police IMMEDIATELY- making a note of the registration number, make, model and possible direction of travel via either 101 or 999.
Thieves will take every opportunity to alleviate you of your property please be aware that often these thefts are opportunist - so we all have to be vigilant for anybody acting suspiciously in and around your properties. Please ensure that car keys are kept out of site when not being used, and never left in vehicles, even for the shortest time. If you have any concerns then please contact Police IMMEDIATELY on 101.

Please consider when you refuel your vehicles - if they are not required over the weekend , then please consider refuelling them on the morning you require them rather than leave them fully fuelled over the weekend. Also consider where and how you are parking your vehicles at night.

If you have any information about any crimes please contact Police on 101 or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Katrina Cassidy 8540
Northumberland Intelligence Officer
101 ext 63595 (Direct 01661 863595)