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... the self sustaining nature of zTB in the badger is indisputable ...

If every cow in GB was shot, zTB would still be a self sustaining pathogen in badgers
Sadly those who produced this computer model not only dispute it but assume the opposite to be true.

Their reasoning is something like this: A hundred years ago before TB eradication programme the disease was endemic with a lot more infectious cows than we have today, Cheshire and Durham were particularly badly infected. Presumably that infection will have passed in to badgers but as the infected cattle were removed the disease seems to have also died out in badgers.

As I understand it zTB is only self-sustaining in badgers when they reach a critical density, most of SW is probably well above that but other parts of the country below. Would it not be possible to detect the 'badger effect' by showing the levels of zTB in the SW were higher and NE lower than this computer model would predict?