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Thread: Precast L Panels for Silo Wall

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    Precast L Panels for Silo Wall

    Decided to widen one of our silo's as the existing side wall needs replacing so a good time to widen the pit a bay or so for now. We thought about using L Panels maybe 10ft ones and then drop down to 8ft ones near the front of the pit. By using L Panels, we can at some stage in the future, remove them for another job, widen it again or use the site for another project.

    Haven't priced much at them at the minute but a fert sales man dropped in this morning and he told us that a customer of his used L panels and the panels all broke at the bottom causing the silo to collapse out.

    That story has put a spanner in the works. Has anyone heard of similar cases or is using these panels for silo walls?

    Would have done the business but not so sure now.

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    Re: Precast L Panels for Silo Wall

    We have had L panels in current use installed in 1982, still working OK. Had a collapse of a corner of a bunker built with RSJs and horizontal panels,due to poor design of the corner. I think all panels are capable of the job if installed correctly. If I was doing it again, I would use the Bock system It takes up a bit more space, but much easier to roll the edges and a much safer feeling when you are on top rolling.


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    Re: Precast L Panels for Silo Wall

    Not strong enough for modern heavy machinery rolling and pushing and dunting at the top of them. Ok for grain and lighter stuff. Better to do job once and properly with shuttered walls or else earth bank.

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