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Thread: Welger 220 bale value 11?

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    Welger 220 bale value 11?

    Having issues with our Welger master 220, it has a bale controller 3 which seems to think it is on bale value 11 when no bale is in the chamber. The actual bale value is set a 6. So the display reads 11 (6). It beeps continuously while this 11 is flashing, usually an asterix is displayed that then progresses through density until 6 is reached but this no longer happens even if you open the tailgate or turn off the controller it just says 11 when back on. The only way to stop the beep is to press the manual net button but it just beeps again after a minute or so with 11 flashing. Have tried all the bale densities but nothing seems to reset the current bale value of 11. Does anyone know if you can reset the bale controller? Have looked in the op man but can't see anything like a full reset. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Welger 220 bale value 11?

    Could be belville washers on the back of the hook. Alternatively there is a way of resetting the measurement but it requires a special hydraulic jack so would have to be done by dealer.

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