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Thread: PV for new grain store

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    PV for new grain store

    If you were about to put up a new grain store, wanted to explore the possibilities for including PV, and had little previous experience in renewables, which firms would you approach for options/advice/quotes ?

    Thanks, Delilah

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    Re: PV for new grain store

    Hi Delilah

    Several things you need to consider before working out if it's feasible:

    1. Submit a G59/2 to your local DNO to ascertain the cost of connecting to the grid. This could be zero cost or very expensive but it's got to be the first port of call - We are happy to submit G59/2 Applications on your behalf FOC as we do for all Forum Members

    2. Check that you meet EPC requirements - You need either one D rated or higher building that will be fed by the PV or an Exemption which says all the buildings fed by the PV are exempt as they have no ability to heat or cool the air - You have to be careful with Grain Dryers!

    3. Is the building suitable - An East West split or South facing is fine and if it's a new Grain Store you should not have any structural issues

    4. If you are in a National Park, AONB or SSI designated you will need planning - otherwise in England it's Permitted Development up to 50 kWp

    5. Talk to several installers once you know the cost of connection and get some comparative quotes. Unless you have a particularly difficult roof or long cable runs you should be looking to pay 925 - 975 per kW installed (excluding connection costs)

    Hope this helps and please feel free to call or email

    Kind Regards

    Mike Smith
    0796 462 9142 50 kW Solar OFFER

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    Re: PV for new grain store

    Mike Smith , as usual, gives excellent advice.
    For a grain store presumably 50 KW is probably the max you will be able to install but if you are thinking bigger you will need planning.
    Beware some firms out there are sharks who are only very cavalier in their sales methods.
    The EPC is critical! do not do anything until you have written assurance it will be forthcoming, without it there will be no FIT payments.

    I am always interested in financing solar arrays so would be very happy to discuss this privately
    Ixworth Solar Farming Ltd.

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