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    was asked this queston today and i didnt have a clue what it ment or what the answer if any was, How many units does a 500KVA generator make in 1hour?

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    Re: 500kva

    1 KVA is 1000 VoltAmps
    so that can be 100volts at 10amps
    or 500volts at 2amps
    so a 500KVA turbine is generating 500 X 1000 VoltAmps
    the actual voltage and amperage may vary
    The inverters will be converting this power into 3 phase 440 volt power
    so in theory a 500kva generator will be producing 1136 amps at 440 volts

    a unit is 1KVA running for 1 hour
    So a 500 KVA turbine running for one hour will produce 500 units

    this does not apply as RGSP says to a conventional diesel generator
    this will normally be rated by the power of the driving engine

    hope this helps
    Ixworth Solar Farming Ltd.

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