[Theft of Sheep]
The Police at Knaresborough have seized 64 sheep of various breeds believing them to be stolen. The breeds are 12 welsh, Mountain, Blackface/ 21 Mules/ 5 South Downs, Dorset, Suffolk/ 10 Mules, 3 Whitefaced Woodlands/ 1 Teeswater/ 1 Speckled face type/ 2 Jacobs/ 5 Charolais/ 2 Cheviots/ 2 Hebridean.

Most appear to be last year's lambs but the Woodlands appear to be older and one of the Hebridean is quite old too.

If you think they may belong to you then please contact PC 1300 Sue Brookes from Knaresborough Police Station on either of the following T-101 or email sue.brookes@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk with any details you have including the ear tag numbers of your sheep.

Unfortunatley, most have had their ear tags ripped out but 9 do have them in so please give that number if you are enquiring about them.

Thank You.