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Thread: Old young farmer

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    Re: Old young farmer

    Has any 1 had their young farmers decision change ?

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    Re: Old young farmer

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowpat View Post
    so I'm an old young farmer and now miss out on young farmers payment, what a load of sh1t
    Anybody else being discriminated on having balls and starting out when in late teens
    Yes, my husband. He started before he left school so has been at it 20yrs by the age of 35 - no help for us. Don't think I qualify either because I'm 29 but have been running my business for 8yrs....

    I don't really mind not getting handouts of sweeties, but like you say it's a bit galling the ones with gumption to get out there and get going are now competing against others who didn't and THEY get a nice handout to help them along.

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