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Thread: sterile brome

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    sterile brome

    now weve had a bit of rain the sterile brome has come up above the timothy grass . how can i get rid of it, any chemicals avaible with out killing the grass .

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    Re: sterile brome

    I can ask a couple of colleagues but I suspect the answer is that there is nothing you can spray it with. I have seen blackgrass sprayed out of a new ley with ethofumesate but brome is a different beast. It can be difficult enough to control as it is.

    Fortunately it is only an annual so if you cut it and cover the ground it wont make much of appearance in following years.

    When you are establishing new leys in fields you know have a large background grass weed population it is important to use fast establishing varieties and use higher seed rates so as to get the grass to dominate and use alleopathy and competition to defeat your native weeds. Also removing broad leaved weeds early on is important.

    I have seen people expecting good leys from 12 kg per acre italian mixtures and they wonder why they dont persist and let blackgrass in.

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