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Thread: cubicle matresses

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    cubicle matresses

    Any strong thoughts on the best/most cost effective mattresses for cows? The best we have installed are waterbeds with 1 1/2 inch recon foam underneath but waterbeds v pricey particularly when you have to buy the foam as well.

    alternatively anyone know of waterbeds for good money?


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    Re: cubicle matresses

    My brother has priced up the Easy Fix matts. They do a double latex (50mm) with rubber top cover or they also do a single latex layer (25mm). Had a look at the double version at the UCD research farm and they seemed good. He is also looking at their cubicles and Easy Fix reckon you can go for a slightly narrower cubicle space becuase of their flexible design. Think the cubicle spaces are around 75mm narrower.

    I know the double latex Easy Fix was only about 15 more than a farmer I spoke to the other week had paid for a simple rubber cubicle mat.

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    Re: cubicle matresses

    I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to pitch in:

    In Denmark, I have seen the mats from Cow Welfare, which worked very well. They made a slanting mattress, so you don't need to do concrete work when you make a new barn.

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