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Thread: Rotating to grass ley to combat blackgrass

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    Rotating to grass ley to combat blackgrass

    I have learned a useful lesson this year when it comes to rotating land back to short term grass where you are seeking to use it as a blackgrass control tool.

    Last autumn a customer and I decided to put a few fields into some short term leys in an effort to clean up some of them a bit. Interestingly we have obtained a brome problem as well as blackgrass and rather than let it become a huge problem we rotated back to grass.

    So far, so good. I thought a good IRG blend at a high seed rate would be perfect.

    Came back and the customer had sourced some cheap MVF cut and graze mix with white clover in it. Of course the seed rate is correspondingly lower and of course the mix contained these super duper Aber high sugar blah blah blah diploids.

    Net result was a ley which was very slow to establish (not uncommon in diploid laden mixtures) and the clover barely reared its head by November.

    Anyway, net result, look at it recently, and some of the grass has been swamped out by brome/blackgrass as they have obviously been far more competitive than the slow to establish wussy grasses that were sown.

    I can only hope that repeated cutting will keep the weed grasses at bay and lower our seed bank. Otherwise we shall start again with a field already host to the stuff.

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    Re: Rotating to grass ley to combat blackgrass

    Life is one long learning curve and hindsight is a wonderful thing

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