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Thread: Change in the crop rotation........

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    Change in the crop rotation........

    Taken this summer (with the S4 phone too!) the last crop we grew in this field after nearly 30 years, known as the "railway field" gives away the reason for it demise, its proximity being in a local village and close to the railway & station have made it prime to be developed. When the farms family trust had first option to buy the land farmed there, this field and a tiny strip field behind the bottom hedge was kept by the selling family and currently undergoing test holes for the developers.

    Going to be interesting to see if the developers "ask" those existing houses adjoining the little field if they would mind removing their decking that straddles over the ditch into the field

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    Re: Change in the crop rotation........

    They'll have a nice view of those pylons anyway!!
    Shame to see such good land being built on.

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