Gregoire Besson Discordon 4.2M DXRV-HD
year 07,
hydraulic folding,
fully working autolube on since new,
All metal in excellent order as pictures,
new larger style emo-packer,
shear bolt protected legs,
depth control on legs and roller adjustable from cab.
This is really genuine and a great one pass machine, we have had it 4-5 years and the guy we bought it off changed to a slightly smaller one as his tractor wasnt quite big enough ( so you know its had an easy life). It has always been stored inside and well looked after, does a fantastic job and virtually un-blockable ( I never have)!
There is a brand new leg and a few new points to come with it so the wearing metal is all pretty good being tungsten tipped.
Please bear in mind this is the heavy duty model which from memory means bigger shaft size, and they are built like the proverbial ****house!
Please feel free to come and have a look I think it must be one of the best around at the moment.
Please ring me 07815325729
or email me and I will gladly email photos as I have struggled to attach them ( which is a shame as it is a really smart machine).
looking for 11,000 ono