It doesn't feel like May Bank Holiday weekend out there does it? The snow makes it feel more like Christmas. However, the good news is that temperature improve this weekend, although things stay unsettled. I've added an extra day to the forecast below, just in case you can squeeze something from Monday.

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Keep the sun shining!


Issued: 1100 hrs, Friday 29th April 2016

A ridge of high pressure builds across the UK and Ireland on Saturday. A trough passes eastwards in the flow with a warm front to the west of Ireland.
Saturday is going to be the best day of the weekend for most. It should start fair, but cold, with plenty of sunshine. Some showers are going to develop as the trough moves east, the focus for these in Wales, northwest England and the Midlands, although they should be well scattered. An odd heavy one can't be ruled out.
Some cloud and showers in Orkney and Shetland, especially later. For the vast majority the day should be staying dry with sunny sees throughout.
Winds W-WNW 8-14kt (F3-F4) but 18-20kt (F5) in northern and western Scotland as well as western Ireland, tending to turn more W-SW'ly later.

A frontal system slipping south through Ireland and Scotland, then into England and Wales through Sunday. The general flow will be from the southwest.
A cloudy and wet start to the morning through much of Scotland and Ireland as well as northern England and west Wales. More eastern areas are likely to be drier at first, but cloud is going to be increasing through the morning and afternoon bringing cloud, rain and drizzle.
A damp day overall through many parts of England and Wales as well as Ireland and southern Scotland; low cloud and fog shrouding hills and coasts. It is likely that southeast England may be dry until evening. Northeast Scotland is likely to be come dry too after morning rain clears.
Winds SW 17-25kt (F5-F6) strongest in the west.

A brisk southwest flow through the UK and Ireland on Monday. A cold front passes eastwards bringing a band of rain wit it, some of it heavy at times as he front passes. Heavy showers follow into western Scotland and Ireland. Drier in central, eastern and southern England, some sunny spells and dry here in the morning. It is likely that the front passes eastwards through the afternoon, fragmenting as it does so and so most of England will see some showery bursts of rain at some time, before clearing to sunny spells and showers.
The front probably breaches the far southeast of England later in the afternoon, and will then be affecting much of the English Channel. Becoming brighter and drier behind the front in the afternoon, although always some showers in western Scotland and Ireland.
Winds a gusty SW 20-28kt (F6) but 30-35kt (F7-F8) on western coasts as the front passes, with further gusts along the front in northern and western areas although these easing as the front fragments through the day. Becoming 14-18kt (F4-F5) in the south later.