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Farm Slurry Lagoon Liners -
SCLT work closely with farmers and contractors across the country to help them comply with the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations. Farmers in the nitrate vulnerable zone are required to provide additional slurry storage for up to six months of the year. SCLT install lining solutions for farm slurry stores that comply with SSAFO regulations. We also guarantee our materials, and there is an installation warranty on all of our projects.
Lagoon liners are used for the containment of agricultural waste such as manure on farms. There are many restrictions in place concerning the storage of agricultural waste. SCLT ensure that our membranes comply with the Environmental Agency guidelines, and provide a fully qualified installation team to fabricate the lining project on site.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the most commonly used membrane for lagoon liners. The high density polyethylene Geomembrane provide an impermeable barrier against solids and liquids, whilst having excellent UV resistance, impermeability, high yield and weld strength.
SCLT guarantee our farm slurry lagoon liners will withstand the harsh effects of nature, and extreme weather conditions as such as high temperatures and freezing conditions.
Farm Lagoon HDPE Liners features:
Environmentally friendly
High puncture resistance
Withstands heat/cold weather fluctuations
High strength & durability
High impermeability, and high yield and welded seam strengths
Application - The condition of the soil should be taken into consideration when choosing a membrane for a farm lagoon liner. SCLT can provide a geotextile underlay to protect against sharp or angular stones which could damage the membrane, thus extending the life of the membrane.