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It feels like we have suddenly jumped head first into summer over the past couple of days - what a change to just a week ago when snow has falling in many areas! It just goes to show how variable our glorious British weather can be!

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Keep the sun shining!

Issued: 1700hrs Thursday 5th May 2016

Low pressure toward the south-west promotes a warm south-easterly flow across the country. Bursts of rain toward the west & south-west will develop widely into thunderstorms, spreading north across the western half of Britain. Largely dry in the east & south-east of England, and very warm, inland highs 21 to 23C and feeling humid. Cooler on the coasts and toward far north, nearer 15 or 16C.
A lot of cloud for Scotland, but apart from the odd burst of rain, Scotland should stay dry well into the afternoon. A few thunderstorms may later spread from France into the western English Channel. Winds: southern England S-SE 13-18kt (F4-F5), coastal sea breezes developing. Northern England E 12 to 16kt (F4). Scotland NE 18 to 25kt (F5-F6).

A trough extends across western Britain & Ireland. Staying warm and humid, highs 20 to 24C by afternoon, warmest central England, but again cooler on coasts. Bursts of rain in western Britain early morning. Increasing threat of thunderstorms developing across Wales & the north-west by afternoon.
Southern & eastern Britain generally dry with hazy sunshine. Risk of a few thunderstorms spreading from France across the English Channel later. Winds E to SE 13 to 20kt (F4-F5), strongest east & south. At times just 5 to 8kt (F3) or less near western coasts.