Last year, knowing that they were going to stop any claims under 5Ha, I sold my 1Ha to D (who had 4Ha).
All boxes were ticked (as far as I knew) and I moved on in my world of unsubsidised farming

Anyway, today (Sunday) at 14.31, I've had an e mail from RPA ...........

Dear Mr B

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) - Transfer of Entitlements (RLE1)

Thank you for your RLE1 which we received on 18 May 2015 requesting the transfer of entitlements to D

We are writing to confirm that the entitlements shown in the table below have now been transferred by sale/gift. D now hold these entitlements from the 2015 scheme year.

How bizarre that they feel the need to email on a Sunday just ten days short of the anniversary of the transaction!!