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Thread: Silage Clamp

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    Silage Clamp

    Some ongoing photos of a row of Silage Clamps currently being built at a Dairy Farm near Nottingham.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
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    Silage Clamp

    Thanks for that, shame some1 hasnt made one without the walls so you could literally place it in the field.

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    Re: Silage Clamp

    Our clamp is dug into the hill of a field. We just drop polythene down the clay sides and just have a concrete floor. If we need to expand, we just dig out another bay at the back and concrete the floor. The further you go back, the higher the walls get.

    Covering the pit is easy also as we can access each side with the telehandler if need be or stack the tires around the sides.

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