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Thread: New Beta postimage website

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    New Beta postimage website

    Haven't played with this much yet its their new image hosting site. Anyone else had a go with it?

    there is the option to go back to the old site lower down on the page
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    Re: New Beta postimage website

    I quite like it especially if you create a (free) account - then you can make albums which can be linked to like a gallery -
    There isn't really much new about the beta version it's just a more modern looking interface.
    Just like before it will show adverts if not blocked, but nowhere near as bad as some alternatives e.g. photobucket
    On the other hand they can be kind of raunchy if not exactly soft porn.
    You won't be troubled by adverts if you link or embed an image on its own.

    I'd be inclined to use a more disposable email if you do create an account.
    It seems to be based in Russia but I wouldn't be unduly concerned by that.

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