I recently discovered the hard way that some web hosting companies at least 1 with 1 in it's name are closing down FTP access in favour of SFTP which means SecureFTP and is much harder to hack - no harm in that except some older programs such as my Weather Station and Webcam software can't deal with this more complicated log-in protocol.
It would have helped if I was given forewarning and some pointers as to what needed changing - without several emails to support who mainly seemed convinced I must have the basic settings wrong .

After several frustrating days I've come across a workaround which is probably worth being aware of - it's a stand alone FTP program which is fully compatible with SFTP but crucially has an option to bridge from legacy software which can only use FTP to the newer SFTP option.
A few other settings need changing as your old FTP needs changing to 'upload' to local host - usually rather than attempting to upload on the original settings.
- https://www.bitvise.com/ssh-client - It's freeware so perhaps worth considering in any case as it's a nice little FTP client for more typical uploading too.