Hello guys

Im writing with regards to buying/ leasing or renting a piece of land or farm out building, for the use of football coaching. For the last 4 years i have run my own business where I coach football players on a 121 a small group basis. My business can be seen at the following link: www.football-fit.com .

Over the past few years my business has grown and now, im looking to find a facility to grow my business and to make my own. Preferably Im looking for a facility in East herts area, with access to the A10. The facility Im looking for would obviously have to be feasible from a price point of view, but also in terms of access to the site. Ideally I would like to be able to use a facility 9:00am-9pm Monday to Sunday. In terms of size, the minimum I would be able to work on would be a facility 25X20 yards. Furthermore, if a suitable building is available, I would like to make alternations, such as add equipment and lay a temporary AstroTurf pitch.

I would appreciate you time, if you are able to help me in any way, even in terms of recommendation I would be very grateful.

Alex Maton