Heard this was in the pipeline, its by the same chap who caught our drill man in the other drone video

Quite interesting to see it from a different angle. Although its supposed to be the direct replacement for the old CR9080elevation and is basically the same, there is a lot both physically and hidden away thats changed in the 7 year gap between them. Biggest changes IMO is having a header designed for it, the old varifeed was really a 24ft stretched to 30ft- and it showed after 8 seasons being stressed and worn out pretty much. The other big change is loosing the "bomb door" and gaining a stone trap- much better again IMO.

Technology has changed a lot on it, LED lights everywhere, better designed and positioned beacons, the infoview screen boots up quicker, it has AdBlue and all the sheepguts that goes with it, its even quieter and also the engine roar is much more subdued- perhaps because of the huge silencer which comes fitted with lifting eyes!!. In the cab I struggle with the new style transmission lever- it works differently to the old one, it would be better after a while but I haven't had much more than shunting it around outside the workshops which with 30ft of header on isn't the ideal way to get used to it