Back just before harvest the power cube that had been hanging above the welding bench for many a year started to suffer with a dickey socket so after years of being able to have 4 grinders/sanders plugged in, just loosing one started to be a real pain especially when doing jobs where I might want to use- a 2mm cutting disc in the 9", a 7" grinder with a standard grinding disc, a 4.5" with a knotted cup brush and for delicate finishing off the 4" grinder with a 80 grit disc. Having been able to pick up and drop as required the tool for different stages in repeat work, having to start swapping plugs over started to get annoying.

Having googled the industrial inset MK 13a switch socket required-this was obsolete and a new "industrial" power cube seemed to be made of gold, it was a surprise to find come across one of these-

Now, only 3 sockets? Wrong, turn it round and there are 3 more on the other side! Even better is each side has its own overload trip, it also comes with 5m of lead c/w plug and 3m of chain to hang it on. First off its obvious that the circle of 3 sockets probably come from a normal cable reel, secondly it has the euro style sprung loaded socket flaps, once it hung up the trick is to hold the handle/hanging hook (your supposed to be able to hook/stow up your power tool if needed) with one hand and open back the flap/insert the plug with the other. On reflection, the flaps are a good idea seeing as there is plenty of sparks flying so keeping the pin holes covered from it isn't a bad idea.

At just over 19 I thought they were a real bargain- got them from here-

Also came across another product from the same brand earlier in the year through an electrical wholesaler we use. Same as this here-

Seen reels like this years ago - proper industrial items at industrial prices, this was an eye opener- has the same feature where the sockets stay fixed as the lead goes in or out- ideal when your somewhere like the dryer moving around.