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Thread: 1960 DB 880 Implematic engine hydraulicising

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    1960 DB 880 Implematic engine hydraulicising

    Hi everyone.

    I have just bought this tractor with a view to a practical restoration. I have managed to start the engine but it leaks diesel out of the crank seals and the cylinder head. It would appear that the crank case is pressurising. Before I strip the whole thing down are there any more obvious areas that I should consider first such as the fueling system.

    I've not had a DB tractor before and would welcome any advise.


    Tommy Atkinson

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    Re: 1960 DB 880 Implematic engine hydraulicising

    If it's leaking diesel out of the engine it will be one of several things, you do not say if it is a three or four cylinder so it's hard to be exact. I'm guessing it might be a rare four cylinder one of which we had many years ago. Areas to look at are the injector pump input shaft seal, lift pump diaphragm, possible leaking injector and any heater plug that might have been fitted later. I did once fix a DB1690 that filled it's sump with diesel continuously because one of the inlet valve push rods was out of the cam follower and sitting on the block after a cylinder head gasket job and that cylinder could get only very little air and the diesel washed past the piston into the sump. Didn't sound particularly sick and the owner had spent a fortune on everything else twice over the intervening year. I put the rod back in place and it never looked behind it! The 4 cylinders are rare nowadays and worth saving though parts can be sticky at times and other times they can be no problem as batches are made. If you are doing a restoration spend the time to strip it and fix it right, I've seen a few old red DB's with the wrong size of rings in as some bores are nearly the same size, with the wrong rings they blow by badly and don't start too good either. The early red 880's had wet liners as far as I recall, must be 30 years since I worked at one.

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