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Not sure Will as i only got the information secondhand,I had to hold the fort while the chap went to the meeting-I will try and get some clarification.I should imagine that ploughing would be acceptable as you can plough the soil back up the slopes but thats just my opinion.
I wouldn't even begin to imagine what goes on in the minds of the people that dream these things up.....

I agree with what you are saying too Tesla but I've got to say that as I mentioned in my previous post there is a couple of blocks of land quite close to me that are mintilled and the past three years since I moved here the steep areas at the top of the banks have been drilled every year and have failed every year-not saying thats down to any fault with any particular system as such but i'd be asking the question about wasted inputs on those areas of crop,and we are talking acres not just a patch here and there.

To be fair they are very steep,buttock clenchingly so in places but maybe in that particular situation those areas would be better being under some kind of environmental scheme as being grassed down for example would slow down if not stop the erosion?
IMO if steep slopes are going to be cropped they should be ploughed/planted/combined etc striaght across the side or direct drilled across the side. Ploughing uphill every year should move soil back up the slope, very slowly of course.