Got a very tired and rusted Ford HST CM274 mower in today with a "slipping belt" AKA seized rotor bearings! I've a more HD header to go on it eventually but it needs some TLC on the two rotor gearboxes and brackets/arms altered to make it fit, so the quicker option was to stick new bearings and seals on the two outer rotors of the 60" mower header for now to buy some time, so - 4 bearings & 2 seals + postage - 35.

Also wanted a UJ for the small pto/driveshaft- its only a 20mm x 55mm - pretty small for the likes of normal AG pto suppliers, but dear old google comes up with this for reference-

The SBA number is the CNH part number, available from Daventry and mine for 86 IIRC

Found this supplier on Google- they do all sort of automotive & HGV + some industrial stuff, but their UJ's at 5 are more like it!! Not that far away either up at Swindon. Book marked for the future!!