Calling all biomass boiler owners!

There have been many boiler installs over the last few years in the biomass market. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the power the biomass boilers consume under normal operation. Most 199kW boilers will use around 3-5kW of electric per hour. Many have been installed with fan heaters that can easily use over 1kWe every hour.
This hidden electric cost can add up to a lot over the course of a year - 6,000 x 5kW x 0.11p per kW unit = 3,000.PA.

So, your savings could be 3,000 PA, plus additional fuel savings!

We can now supply and install a pellet fired Biomass CHP unit rated at just 5kW electrical and 15kW thermal output. The unit is a sterling powered system, fully automated and is the size of a small petrol generator. It qualifies for the Biomass CHP tariff and RO certificates. Due to the fully enclosed Sterling engine, the engine requires maintenance every 20,000 hours and the burner is maintained the same as a small pellet boiler. We also supply a 20,000 hour warranty on the engine and a limited 100,000 hour warranty subject to maintenance at the correct intervals.

This unit can therefore be installed alongside your existing biomass boiler and connected to the power supply. You then don't need to import power for your biomass boiler and also receive the biomass CHP tariff and RO certificates. Advantages of the system?

- Low maintenance
- Can be used as base load on the heating system so less heat is under tier 2 of your existing biomass system- Very compact for easy installation;
- Can be connected to the existing biomass pipework and not affect the existing boilers tariff (due to it being a different technology category);
- NO GRID APPLICATION REQUIRED! The system is rated under 10kWe so anyone with a three phase supply can install this system without lengthy grid applications and expensive transformer upgrades;
- No three phase supply? The unit can also be configured to give three single phase power supplies;
- In built battery allowing it to start without an external power supply so can be used in off-grid areas;
- Remote monitoring software built in;
- Typical payback of 3-4 years based on 6000 hours of operation per year;
- Want more output? The units can be cascaded to reach higher outputs;

For more information please contact or call 07748443805